For as long as I can remember someone has always told me not to say “this or that”, or not to “be a certain way” because of how it may come across to other people. Being direct, outspoken and honest tends to make others uncomfortable. Society has a way of making us feel like we censor our thoughts and feelings. While trying to keep up with all of that, we tend to lose ourselves somewhere between who we should be and who we really are. We hide from reality and mask the truth for fear of un acceptance. We are so worried about what others will think that we neglect dealing with our truth. I myself am guilty of this. I want others to know it’s ok to take off the mask. Struggling financially, a broken spirit, insecurity, bad relationships, etc; IT’S LIFE! It’s time to let the world know who you really are! It’s time to freely share your truth, unfiltered. Remember, society does not define you and your truth could be someone else’s therapy.